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Bot. name: Lolium perenne
Characteristics: The Grass Head is really easy to care for and the first "hair" shows after just a few days.
Cultivation & care:

Care instructions


The Grass Head is produced out of coconut fibre. Coconut fibre is a renewable material, which is extracted from a coconut shell. The grass head contains high quality seeds. This sort of seed is known for its quick time of germination and strong roots.

  • Dive the Grass Head completely under water until its completely soaked and the air blowing stops. Fill the vase with water. Place the Grass Head on the vase until the wick is in the vase. With this your Grass Head has the possibility to drink.
  • Important: In the first couple of days please pour the water on top of the head as well. Your Grass Head is able to grow with normal lighting. Please put it in a bright place. 
  • Put the delivered plastic bag over your grass head in order to guarantee a little greenhouse effect. When the grass heads starts to sprout (approximately 5-7 days) white fuzz is going to form. This is no mould. Keep the plastic bag on your grass head until a few seeds begin through its wick. Make sure your grass heads gets enough water.
  • From time to time renew the water in the vase. Your grass head is not allowed to dry out at any time.
  • Soon the “hairs“ of your grass head will grow further and going to get thicker.
  • You can cut and style it or observe how your grass head grows.
    Use tweezers to remove any weeds.

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  • packaging dimensions: 10 x 7.5 x 14 cm; 0.10 kg
  • minimum quantity & packaging unit: 30 grass heads per box (6 pcs. per design)


  • coconut fiber granulate and grass seeds

Available languages

  • packaging available in German only
  • provided manual also available in English, French or Italian


  • shelf life of at least 2 years when stored in a dry place